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Work with a seasoned People Ops professional to make remote work culture your competitive advantage.

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How can we work together?

Depending on your stage and team, we can work together to create an effective People Ops strategy.

Put me in as a fractional People Ops leader to help with both strategy and execution. When you have a small (or non-existent) People team, there's a lot to do.

I partner with Founders and People Ops leaders on projects like:

📚  Writing employee handbook
🤗  Creating effective remote onboarding
🎯  Implementing structured hiring process
🗺.  Customizing career pathing and frameworks
✏️ Employer branding strategy and content creation
💸  Building remote compensation models and formulas 

If you're a Founder who is not quite ready to invest in a Head of People or you are newer to People Ops and looking for a bit of guidance, I'd love to support you. These one-on-ones typically cover: 

🏳️‍🌈  Diversity & Inclusion
👩‍🔬  Organizational design
👥  How to run effective 1:1s
💼  HR policy and compliance
✏️  Employer branding strategy
💻  How to run a remote organization
💁  Creating an inclusive hiring process

Something I've learned from consulting is that people are often willing to be one layer more honest with an outside team member. One way I work with teams is through a culture audit: 

📋  Step 1: Run an employee engagement survey
👥  Step 2: Hold 1:1s with different members of the team
📈  Step 3: Analyze quantitative and qualitative data to pull out patterns
🗺  Step 4: Create a custom People Ops and HR Roadmap for your team
💪  Step 5 (Optional): Work together to implement Roadmap through a project or ongoing advice partnership

Not sure if a People Ops advisor is right for you?

If you're not quite ready to hop on a call, send Mary a note with a few details about your org.

Send a note -->

What others have to say about working with Mary...

"Mary is talented, smart, thoughtful, articulate, and has that uncanny sense of knowing what the most high impact thing is to do next—this skill of discernment is so critical at any company, but especially early stage. If you have the chance to work with Mary, do it!!"
- Alyssa, Founder of Hipcamp

"Mary helped build content and training materials and trained our team in using scorecards and structured interviews. We immediately incorporated our new content and we're confident in training others using these tools. Mary is responsive, detail-oriented, and dependable. I enthusiastically recommend working with her."
- Kate, Talent Strategy at Shift

"Mary has a way with words that draw attention and get people to engage. She is thoughtful in her approach and strategic in her practice. Mary was a pleasure to work with and always proactive, thinking ahead as to the ways to make improvements."
- Shelly, Startup Advisor

About Mary

Hi, I'm Mary! 👋 

I help companies create a great remote employee experience from start to finish.

I approach People Ops work similar to product work, with user research and decision making rooted in qualitative and quantitative data. I take on a limited amount of clients at a time because I want to become an embedded partner to your team.

I've had the opportunity to shape Hiring, Onboarding, Performance Management, People & Culture at companies known for leading the way with startup culture development. And, I've seen what it looks like to scale quickly on a remote team.

tl;dr --> I care deeply about your team's success. Let's work together! 


Questions, Hesitations or something else?
When should I hire my first People Ops team member?

There isn't a magic team size number that means the time is right. This answer often depends on the pace of growth your company is experience. If you're growing quickly, you'll likely need a singular person owning hiring and People Ops.

But, you can get creative. Is there someone on your team who might be able to transition and take this work on part time with the help of an advisor? 

How do I increase my volume of applicants?

This was a trick question. Because you should be focusing on increasing the quality of applicants for your open roles. And, this is where employer branding comes in.

Employer branding is similar to SEO work. It takes time to build up enough content before you see the ROI but it is incredibly effective and a relatively affordable channel. Said another way, there isn't a quick switch you can flip. But, you should start on employer branding as early as possible.

How do I keep my team engaged and feeling valued?

This is a big question. And, every company is going to have a unique set of norms and behaviors to inform this question.

But! Time and time again, this answer includes giving your team a clear sense of how they can grow and develop at your company. Whether it is through teaching your managers how to hold effective 1:1s (that go beyond a to-do list) or implementing a career framework with clear paths, people want to know how to grow. And, having a career framework will also simplify your compensation model and process. You can learn more here.

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